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The Rock House

Eighteenth century dwelling is the only surviving house associated with the Colonial Wrightsboro Settlement (1768). Its builder, Thomas Ansley, used weathered granite, quarried in its natural form from the nearby geographic fall line ads building material. The granite, along with pine timbers and cypress shingles gave the house a distinctive Georgia character. The architectural style of the Rock House is similar to stone homes in the Delaware Valley of New Jersey from where Ansley migrated. It is the earliest dwelling in Georgia with its original architectural form intact. Ownership of the Rock House passed to Nicholas C. Bacon in the 1840s and in the 1880s to the Johnson family who maintained it as a working plantation until the 20th Century. Johnson heirs Effie Johnson Usry and Mary Ruth Johnson McNeill gave the house to the Wrightsboro Quaker Community Foundation Inc. in 1955, who restored the house in 1981.

GHM 094-9 Georgia Historical Commission 1990
Marker Name: The Rock House
Marker Number: GHM 094-09
Marker Location: 4 mi NW of Thomson on Rock House/Twin Oaks Rd (off Ga 223)
Latitude: 33.48211
Longitude: -82.55782
Public or Private: Public

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